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Performance and Exchange Platform

We are delighted to offer regular programs during the year to facilitate the exchange and with emphasis at the Summer and Autumn break in United Kingdom and Hong Kong respectively.

As we are the Music and Cultural Exchange Academy of the Shipley Arts Festival, we are drawing all resources, expertise and connections that are built up by the festival since 2000.

We organise students and young musicians for skill enhancement lessons, attend private individual class with well known musicians, experiencing top class learning facilities at world class music schools and conservatories and perform at prestigious  venue with local UK students and musicians.

Trinity Sannyi Music Academy

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UK Summer Programme

A unique music skill enhancement and performance exchange programme, for grade 4 and above students who play piano and string instruments, aged between 11 to 15 years old,  is held from August annually close to London.

An adult programme is held at the same time to tailor for students who have attained grade 8 and above in piano and string instruments.

HK Autumn Programme

An Autumn Concert Programme is held annually where the HK/Chinese and UK students will perform the Concert together.

Master Class Schedule


Master Class for piano and string are held during the year in Hong Kong:

Spring Term (February - March)

Autumn Term (September - December)

Master Class information is announced on Facebook.

Facebook: TrinitySannyiMusicAcademy

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